Push-back Racking

Push-Back Racking – Ideal for Storing Medium Turnover Products

This system is ideal for storing medium turnover products, with two or more pallets per Stock Keeping Unit, using the LIFO (Last In First Out) system. The pallets are placed on trolleys on sloped lanes and pushed back along the rails. The incline of the push-back racking structure means that pallets towards the back of the lane move forward when the pallet closest to the aisle is removed. Loading and unloading is completed from the same aisle (LIFO system), reducing the handling time and increasing the storage capacity.

Push-Back Racking Push-Back Racking Push-Back Racking


This is an accumulative storage system that allows for the storage of up to four pallets deep per level:

  • Provides more storage capacity.
  • Ideal for storage of medium turnover products.
  • Each level can store a different product.
  • System can be easily installed and modified.

Push-Back Racking Push-Back Racking Push-Back Racking



  • Each level can be used to store a different Stock Keeping Units.
  • Very little height space is wasted.
  • It saves time in loading and unloading products.
  • The best possible use is made of the available space.


Push-Back Racking  Push-Back Racking