Live Pallet Racking

Live Pallet Racking – Ideal for Perishable Goods

Live pallet racking is the ideal storage system for perishable products, being suitable for numerous different industries and applications. It is made up of inclined roller tracks. The pallets are inserted onto the rack at the higher end of the racking and slide over the rollers at a controlled speed towards the lower end, where they are extracted. This system provides an excellent product turnover with no interferences between loading and unloading.

Live Pallet Racking  Live Pallet Racking



Compact design of pallet racking incorperating roller track at each storage position allowing for movement of the pallets from load position to off load position. 

Live Pallet Racking  Live Pallet Racking  Live Pallet Racking  Live Pallet Racking

Live storage pallet racking is ideal in the following storage areas:

  • Intermediate storage facilities between production areas.
  • Dispatch areas requiring fast movement of product.
  • Holding areas for order collation and dispatch.
  • Perishable Goods Storage.

Live Pallet Racking  Live Pallet Racking  Live Pallet Racking  Live Pallet Racking

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  •  Live Racking provides perfect stock control.
  •  It saves space and time in pallet handling.
  •  Enables excellent pallet turnover (FIFO System).
  • Maximises capacity as the storage system is compact.


Live Pallet Racking

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