Frameless Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions – Simply Elegant Performance.

Glass partitions enable a visually frameless optical with high levels of performance, they are both stylish and simple with minimal tracks at head, base and abutments. It is a mullion free relocatable partition system that combines maximum transparency, flexibility and elegance with outstanding fire and acoustic performance. Choose single or double glazing and fit with timber, glass or GDS double glazed doors to create your ideal office environment.

The single glazed frameless partitioning is a perfect choice where clean lines and an aesthetically pleasing design are essential. Set out using a two-part head and base channel, the system creates privacy yet offers the sense of an open office with its stylish frameless appearance.

The double glazed frameless system provides excellent acoustic performance up to 47Rw(dB). Like our single glazed system, it too creates a feeling of acoustic privacy while maintaining an unhindered visual of an open office.

The frameless glass partitions come in an unlimited number of options and colours to complement your design or corporate image. Frame profiles can be colour coordinated to your specification and automatic or manual venetian blinds can maximize privacy within the glass cavity. They are both simple and quick to install to provide a simple, elegant partition solution.


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Minimalist framework. Panoramic daylight. Sophisticated ambiance.

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Standard Heights: 10mm glass to 2.7 metres and 12mm glass to 3 metres.

Tracks: Polyester powder coated aluminium to BS6063 specification.

Corners: Crystal clear PVC joint sections in a range of sizes and configurations are supplied to form 90° corners, 135° corners and 3 way junctions.

Dimensions: Single glazed is either 27mm or 32mm x 27mm. Double glazed is 100mm x 27mm. Single or double glazed 50mm deep deflection head and a new extra deep two part deflection head detail is now available.

Glass: 10mm to19mm glass can be accommodated within Quartz.

Joints: Dry jointed with clear PETG material or silicon jointed for single glazed.

Blinds: Double glazed installations can include internal 25mm manual or automatic controlled tilt and turn venetian blinds.

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