Storage Wall

Storage Wall Systems – A Versatile Way to Maximize Space

The storage wall units are individually designed to fit from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. Their unique design offer flexible and efficient configurations with a range of unit styles. 

  Storage Wall Romstor   Storage Wall Romstor  

Therefore these storage systems suit effectively in any office environment, maximising the amount of space available and solving storage problems within the modern office environment.

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Storage Wall System Applications

The storage wall units can be designed using a variety of materials and accessories tailored to your needs.

Storage Wall Applications   Storage Wall System

The versatile materials can create contrasting visual statements from classical booked matched veneers to modern manifestations. Furthermore, the available accessories have been designed to the highest standards and ensure ease of use and longevity. 

Storage Wall  Storage Wall System

The bespoke cabinet frontages and variety of locking systems that can be integrated give flexibility in storage wall design.

Storage Wall  Storage Wall Systems

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