Racking Inspection Services

Health and Safety Racking Inspection Services

How safe is your racking?

When did you last have your racking installation inspected?

Can you be sure there is no physical or structural damage?

All Pallet Racking is required to have regular annual inspections and be in efficient working order, under the current legislation from Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Pallet Racking Inspection and Maintenance


Qualified Inspection

We are qualified to undertake an inspection of your racking and shelving and will produce a report that will identify any significant damage to your installation. The inspection will be carried out in line with SEMA (Storage, Equipment, Manufacturing Association) recommendations, the trade body of the major racking manufacturers in the UK.

With Health & Safety becoming more apparent in the workplace with the annual racking inspection, we can replace any necessary damages to most pallet racking systems.

 Shelving and Racking Inspection Services   Chas Accredited Contractor


Racking Inspection & Maintenance.

Under the Health & safety at Work Act 1974 and The Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) every employer has the responsibility to ensure a safe place of work for their employees. This includes ensuring that the Racking and storage systems are in a safe condition at all times.


Racking systems are load-bearing structures and as such may not perform to the manufacturers specifications in the event of:

A. Damage caused by fork lift trucks.
B. Damage caused by over-loading.
C. Change in load capacity following alteration to the quantity and height of beam levels.
D. Incorrect design or installation.

Damaged Systems - Racking Inspection Services Damaged Systems - Racking Inspection Services Damaged Systems - Racking Inspection Services Damaged Systems - Racking Inspection Services

At Romstor we recognise that installing a racking system only meets part of our customer’s needs, so we are committed to ensure that the system remains a safe place of work in accordance with HSE regulations.


Our service includes:

1. Formal inspections at agreed intervals. We would recommend an initial inspection, then every four months for the first year, and subsequent inspections six monthly.
2. A comprehensive report and maintenance programme.
3. Advice and recommendation on ways to minimise further damage.
4. Provide load notice signage, to help reduce the risk of damage caused by over-loading.
5. Technical advice and calculation of load capacities on any new or previous alterations to existing racking systems.

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Specific points looked for include:

1. Correct location of beams, including location of beam locks in uprights.
2. Excessive deflection of beams, due to current or past overloading.
3. Damaged, incorrectly adjusted or overloaded shelves.
4. Signs of damage to the installation due to impact by handling or other equipment.
5. Incorrect loading and positioning of pallets within pallet locations.
6. Use of inappropriate or damaged pallets.
7. Incorrect use of accessories supplied with the racking .
8. Missing or loose fixing bolts.


A Romstor Racking Inspection gives you:

  • A detailed on site inspection of the racking installation.
  • A written report, making any appropriate recommendations this will include:
    > List of areas of damage requiring attention.
    > Damage which could prove dangerous will be brought to your attention immediately.
    > A summary of materials required and any remedial work necessary.
    > Inclusive quotation to undertake the remedial work including all necessary material handling equipment i.e. Fork lift truck etc.


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