Steel Partitions

Steel Partitions – Ideal for Production Areas & Warehouses

Warehouse Partitioning systems from Romstor including Steel Partitions, are ideal for use in production areas and warehouses to divide work areas or perhaps create offices and storage areas. More specifically, steel partitions, available as either single or double skin, are an excellent alternative to plasterboard based systems being much more robust and durable.

Furthermore, the modular design allows for design flexibility to meet customer requirements. Romstor can install or dismantle partitions easily and quickly for relocation. Additionally, Romstor can make modifications to existing partitions with the minimum of disruption to your business.

 Caelum Steel Partitions                   Musca Steel Partitions                   Titan Steel Partitions

Caleum Mesh Partitioning  |  Musca Anti-Collapse System  |  Titan Steel Partitioning


Steel Mesh Partitions – Secure Storage Areas

Steel Mesh partitioning provides the ideal low cost solution when creating secure storage areas for both high value and hazardous goods. Also, the open mesh design allows both visibility and light into the storage area.


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Steel Partitions from Romstor include the Caleum, Musca and Titan Partitioning Systems:

  • Caleum Mesh Partitioning offers an excellent cost effective modular mesh panel system that we can customise to suit your exact requirements. Available with varying security levels, panels are easily assembled on site. It is a modular system available in various widths and heights that is suitable for industrial storage applications. Thus, Romstor can modify mesh panels on-site to fit any space, so they provide security where required. Panels are constructed with a tubular welded frame that provides added strength. The system is fully demountable and relocatable, and allows natural light and ventilation.
  • Musca is an Anti-Collapse System which is a rack safety screen system that prevents spillage and helps secure the working environment. More specifically, this system prevents any risk of overloading in high stacking situations, which is vital for secure stacking and loading. This Anti collapse system is available with different safety levels, all to your specific needs.
  • Titan Steel Partitioning System is a high quality system that incorporates a double skin and is designed for cleanroom applications. Its 2 line system can also be used to achieve class 5 cleanroom status, ideal for clean room applications.

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