Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving – Innovatively Increase your Workspace

Mobile storage is a cost-effective shelving system ideal for libraries, offices, retail or industrial settings. It saves you money and space by innovatively increasing your storage capacity by up to 70%. In contrast with conventional shelving that requires multiple aisles between each run of shelving, mobile shelving can be opened and closed when required. Therefore, it requires only one aisle for access. This means you can substantially increase capacity within a given area.


Gain Up to 70% Extra Space with Mobile Shelving

         Gain Up to 70% Extra Space to Use Productively!



  • Free up your valuable office space
  • Increase your storage efficiency
  • Store the same in 50% of the space
  • Double the capacity of your office storage
  • Choice of systems to accommodate storage requirement
  • Choice of operating systems – manually assisted or electronically controlled

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Mobile Storage Systems give improved space utilisation / increased capacity in a given space. There are three ways of opening and closing the shelving systems depending on what you need to store, each offering efficient retrieval of the items stored. Manual push and pull handles are generally used for smaller requirements, whilst larger mobile shelving solutions can be operated by mechanical three-wheel handles.

Our mobile shelving system is both a practical and attractive storage option that gives a smart and tidy feel to your premises. We can personalise the end panels to further add to the aesthetic of the space. Also, there are several locking methods available, for keeping high value or confidential items safe.

Mobile Shelving   Mobile Shelving   Mobile Shelving   Mobile Shelving   Mobile Shelving

Romstor offer various mobile shelving options including  slide aside, trackless and light and medium duty products. For heavy duty products and specialised requirements, a heavyweight option is also available.

When storage requirements are growing and office space is an expensive commodity that you cannot afford to waste, a mobile shelving system is the ideal solution. Romstor can design and install a cost effective tailor made mobile storage system that will meet your current demands and future expectations.

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