Mobile Racking

Mobile Racking – No Need for Multiple Access Aisles

Mobile racking is a system where the shelves are installed on guided bases that slide laterally, eliminating the need for multiple fixed access aisles. It is a high capacity storage system that maintains direct access to each pallet. When the operator gives the order using a control panel or remote control, the unit opens automatically to provide direct access to the appropriate products.

       Mobile Racking         Mobile Racking            Mobile Racking         Mobile Racking


The mobile bases have motors, sliders and a variety of safety systems to guarantee effective and safe operation.

Mobile Racking Systems         Mobile Racking Systems            Mobile Racking Systems         Mobile Racking Systems

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  • Computer-controlled storage system.
  • Extremely effective use of your available space.
  • It eliminates the need for multiple fixed access aisles.
  • It increases your warehouse capacity.

  Mobile Racking

Mobile racking is the ideal system for cold stores for both refrigerated and frozen products, since it reduces costs by making optimal use of temperature-controlled spaces.