Framed Partitions

Framed Partitions – Sophisticated and Timeless Solutions.

Framed partitions are designed for rapid installation, minimum site working and high fire resistance and acoustic performance. A framework of steel studs clad with plasterboard is used for solid modules combined with factory manufactured steel framed door and pre-glazed window units.


Key Features:

  • Contemporary brushed steel.
  • Free of intrusive covers and connections.
  • Wide choice of  painted finishes, Colourline,  Silverline,  Timberline
  • Can be combined with a wide range of doors to create a refined look.
  • Single or Double Glazed
  • Fire and Sound Insulation Available


Colourline Framed Partitions.

Our demountable framed partitioning system for quick on site installation. Serenely subtle or boldly dynamic colours, high or wide design – whatever your style preference, make it reality with Colourline relocatable partitioning. Featuring pre-glazed windows and pre-decorated panels, no system could be more flexible or quicker and simpler to install. There is little or no snagging and no wet trades needed on site. The wide spectrum of colours and versatile system options allow you to create your own office environment at outstanding value cost with Colourline.

Colourline Framed Partitions Colourline Framed Partitions  Colourline Framed Partitions  Colourline Framed Partitions Information Sheet


Silverline Framed Partitions.

With clean lines and stark simplicity for a stylish office environment, our modular partitioning offers steel and aluminium modular partitions with metallic colour finishes. Silverline partitioning offers the uncompromising flair of sophisticated brushed steel. Free from intrusive covers and visible connections it opens a world of possibilities. There is a stunning choice of metallic paint finishes, plus doors in a range of handsome veneers. Together they lend the system impeccable refinement and panache. A durable powder coating in six standard colours can be applied to the aluminium skirting or joint trim. One look and you will marvel how the clean lines and stark simplicity of Silverline create a stylish office environment.

Silverline Framed Partitions  Silverline Framed Partitions  Silverline Office Partitioning  Silverline Framed Partitions Technical Sheet


Timberline Framed Partitions.

Nothing exudes warmth and beauty better than natural wood. Here we’ve combined wood’s valued aesthetics with the strength of steel, an office romance made in heaven. Timberline is constructed from high quality steel with a timber powder coated finish that’s virtually impossible to distinguish from solid oak. Yet it Is tougher, more resilient and considerably less expensive. The window modules can be supplied as single or double glazed with integrated venetian blinds. The timber doors can be supplied with a choice of veneers and glazed door options. For high impact with traditional charm, it must be Timberline.

Timberline Framed Partitions  Timberline Framed Partitions  Timberline Framed Partitions  Timberline Framed Partitions Information Sheet.docx


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STRUCTURE – Colourline, Silverline & Timberline Partitions:

Standard Heights: 2.4 metres, 2.7 metres and 3.0 metres.

Tracks: Polyester powder coated steel to DC01 at EN10.130 specification.

Corners: Steel pre-manufactured with pre formed 900,1350 and radius corners for head tracks.

Dimensions: Nominal 75mm across panel faces, 85mm across tracks and trims and 50mm deep deflection head available.

Overall thickness of the systems is either 75mm or 100mm.

Glass: 6mm toughened or 16.8mm fire rated insulating glass for FR30/30 and FR60/30.

Joints: Top hat trims, contour trims, flush wall and tape and fill detail.

Inter module trims: Colour co-ordinated PVC, aluminium or steel top hat sections.

Blinds: Single offset glazed with blinds and wands. Double glazed with internal 25mm manually controlled tilt and turn venetian blinds.

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